Invitation to workshop "Bringing Nature Sounds to Town"

The buzz of a mosquito, the rhythm of a woodpecker knocked on a tree, the vernal chirp of birds – these are the sounds that we can usually hear in nature. Till spring is far away, the unusual nature sounds are coming to town. Baltic environmental forum and Dancingsounds.net invite everyone interested in sounds of nature and musical instruments to create the sound makers by our hands in a special workshop.

We will create nature sound instruments from wood, bamboo, nuts and try to replicate sounds of nature with bull roarer (ancient Australian telephone), rainmaker, ocarina, pan flute and more.

The instruments will be created with the help of Hannes Heyne (Germany). He studied and worked in hydrogeology for drinking water protection in the 1980s, discovered essential similarities between ecology and music and develops methods to experience this in a bright field of listening, playing, making of musical instruments, sharing knowledge in nature camps, sound objects and lectures. He is working worldwide for sound ecology and intercultural understanding through music.

A Lithuanian spice will be added by Žymantas Morkvėnas, environmentalist of Baltic environmental forum. He will teach how to recognize the floating snipe, sounds of wedding of the great snipe or even the moose at mating season in the sounds of hand made instruments.

At the workshop each participant will be able to make two instruments of his choice and bring them home. There will also be a possibility to make more instruments, if some time and desire is left.


ViVa Waldorfschool Vilnius, crafts room in the basement (Geležinio Vilko str. 23)


Sunday 19.2.2017 10 -16:00. There will be a short lunch break. For rumbling stomach not to put in to shade the sounds of hand made instruments, please bring some snacks.


20 Euros: adult

15 Euros: child from 8 years on

(4 hours of workshop and 2 instruments of your choice are included. If you will be willing to make more instruments – additional one will cost 2 euros)


If you want to participate in workshop, please fill the form and register to latest 10.2.17. After that you will receive further instructions how to pay the entry fee. 

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