The first birding guide in Lithuania invites to Nemunas delta

At the end of January the first birding field guide in Lithuania was presented for the public. Till now there were no such type of publication dedicated for ornithological tourists. It invites to choose Nemunas delta as your next birding destination.

"The Nemunas delta region, no doubt, is the most important site in Lithuania for birders. Here the majority of Lithuanian bird species (around 90 %) are found and  and one of the biggest bird migration routes in the Western Palaearctic crosses. There are only 2 similar wetlands in Europe that can be compared with Nemunas delta if you consider the diversity of species and natural value of this place. - it is Danube delta in Romania and Doñana wetlands in Spain." - says Marius Karlonas, ornithologist and author of the first birding guide in Lithuania.

The Field Guide covers 22 areas in Western Lithuania, which have been selected based on long term ornitologist's observations in this region. The book  includes detailed descriptions of each territory, lists of target species, birdwaching tactics and other necessary information.

Lithuania has preserved far more of its unique natural environment, compared to many Western European countries. Of course, we do not have enormous elephants or fascinating dolphins, but we do have a lot of natural delicate treasures. Just to mention the aquatic warbler which breeds only in 4 countries in the world, or other rare bird species such as great snipe. This book is one of our first steps to show our fabulous nature for the  world." - says Rita Griniene, consultant of the book, communication expert from Baltic Environmental Forum Lithuania.

She also reminds that initial idea of this Field Guide came from nature conservation: "The Field Guide was published within the project "LIFE Viva Grass" which aims to preserve unique grasslands of Nemunas delta. We see nature (ornithological) tourism as an integral part of nature conservation since it shows the locals a real financial value of the birds and nature throughout the revenue from tourism services. The logical sequence is simple: when there are many birds, tourists come and bring revenue for the locals, locals are happy and understand that birds do not only eat their crops but also bring money for the region. Therefore, we encourage all birders to buy local products and services."

The book was published in English and Lithuanian. You can get the book after filling a short questionnaire. Authors of the book will use  the gathered data to measure the effect of this book. After filling this questionnaire you will receive a link to electronic (PDF) version. If you wish to receive a hard-copy of the book, please contact Rita Griniene (rita.griniene@bef.lt) - you will be asked to pay for post services.


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