BEF Lithuania is a non-governmental organization dedicated to protection of healthy and clean environment, resource and biodiversity conservation for future generations. We believe that nature should be protected not from people, but with people.  

We are a team of experts in nature conservation, management of water and chemicals, energy and climate change, sustainable development and environmental communication. We’ve worked for international NGO networks, public service, in science and business. Today most of our daily efforts are dedicated to engaging in environmental policy-making, stakeholder involvement, institutional capacity building, public education and awareness raising, also various voluntary public initiatives. While at it, we team up with other organisations that share our values and passion for the future where humans live in harmony with nature. 

BEF Lithuania is a member of the Lithuanian Environmental Coalition. Since 2003 organization belongs to an international BEF Group with offices in Latvia, Estonia and Germany.

BEF Lithuania activities by topic

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