We are working in the region of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russian Federation, Germany and beyond, though our services can be efficiently carried out in other countries simultaneously.  Besides project implementation, we are also carrying out other qualified services in the environmental sector. 

Environmental expert training

  • Management of chemicals in industry, chemicals in products and their impact on human health and environment;
  • Expert services related to training, raising professional skills on management of chemicals as well as issues related to management of protected areas;
  • Expert services on nature conservation issues; 
  • Strategic environmental impact assessment.

Organizing events related to environment

  • Organizing meetings, training seminars, workshops and conferences (programme development, selection of speakers etc.); 
  • Qualified chairing and facilitation during the events. We possess experience of organising more than 500 different events in Baltic State region during 10 years of activity. 

Project management and other services 

  • Making project proposals on different environmental topics, corresponding to our interests and values; 
  • Professional project management; 
  • Publications on environmental issues. 
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